What is Suvarna Prashan Sanskar? Why should be given Suvarna Prashan drops to our children?

 As parents our child’s health is the most important factor for us. But the question that remains in many parents mind is “How to Boost our Child’s Health”? There are many natural ways of boosting health right from birth. I am going to share one of the most reliable Ayurvedic way to boost our child’s physical and mental ability which is through Suvarnaprashan Drops.

Our immunity supports our health. Immunity, in simple language, is ‘to fight against harmful bacteria’. Bacteria mainly causes illness like cold, cough, and fever, which is commonly found in children.

So, to prevent this we have to boost our child’s immunity and mental power, by developing intelligence and developing their brain health in through Suvarnaprashan Sanskar.

What is Suvarna prashan Sanskar?

Suvarna prashan Sanskar is one of the 16 Sanskars mentioned in the classical texts for the comprehensive development of immunity and for adequate physical and mental growth of a child. It is a special ghee prepared with the goodness of Suvarna (Gold) in it which is to be given specifically on Pushya Nakshatra day.

It is now a well-known fact that the age-old tradition of Suvarnaprashan sanskar, given on the day of Pushya Nakshatra is very beneficial for the physical, mental and psychological development of a child. These Suvarnaprashan drops are prepared from the most authentic quality Suvarna Bhasma along with herbs like Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Ashwagandha, Vacha etc.

What are Suvarnaprashan Drops Benefits?

Dr. Sachin Zadbuke who has a PHD Gold Medal in Ayurved explain when Suvarnaprashan dose should be given and its benefits .

Benefits of Suvarnaprashan Sanskar

  1. It improves immunity power
  2. Skin becomes soft and supple
  3. Improves concentration, grasping power, retaining ability and memory
  4. Helps prevent various problems which may arise during teething
  5. Helps improve the immunity of the respiratory system against air pollution
  6. Helps body stay away from diseases during season change
  7. Protects the body from various allergies
  8. Protects the body from the harmful side effects of insecticides and pesticides used on food products
  9. The overall health of a child taking Suvarnaprashan is definitely better than other children of his/her age

For Busy Parents

It can be difficult for working parents or busy parents to take their child to an Ayurvedic Doctor each month on Pushya Nakshatra to take Suvarnaprashan Dose. If this is what is stopping you then Fill in the form below. We can send each months dose to you so you can give it from the convenience of your home.

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